Jk/jku parts for sale

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Jk/jku parts for sale
« on: February 27, 2019, 09:25:11 AM »
Rock hard 4x4 Oil/transmission Skid $275 Jk/jku 2007-2018 lifetime warranty( yes it’s used but still solid, if you want it to look pretty throw some spray paint on it)

Rock Rails $100 07-18 jku(same as above, used but a little spray paint will pretty them up)

F106N oil plug $25(yes almost full price but functions as brand new and I’m broke and will have to buy a new one to fit the new Jeep. Also works on more then just 3.6 penstar, can search fumoto website to find more compatible engines. Way better when changing your oil compared to the stock oil plug)

Tactical Bartact front Seat Covers, black, never exposed to elements, top never off. $250 2013-2018

Pics of any items can be provided.

More to come.....

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