Wrenching Party -- 13 Oct 18

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Re: Wrenching Party -- 13 Oct 18
« Reply #15 on: October 11, 2018, 08:47:41 AM »
No more MAXX? Thanks for the invite. A few of us will be installing a lift at my house ,as well.
Didn’t know there was one planned already.  Anyway, Doug has decided to get it done tomorrow instead.  If anyone wants to come out, you are still welcome.

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We didn't schedule it as a wrenching party because we did it through our business.

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I’m a little confused here.  Annette and Doug reached out for a wrenching party.  Personally, I was  looking forward to that, since I don’t get to come out often.  Regardless, they completed their lift on their own because there was a conflicting activity not announced to the club.  My only problem here is the conflicting activity was by council members private companies completing work on jeeps. To me, this is a major conflict of interest.

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I'm not seeing how this was conflicting at all. I was stating why a few of us wouldn't be there... no different if I were going to do yard work instead. As far as the business aspect, we know that if I were to do your lift, per say, and I did it not under the company, then there is a liability issue if something were to happen. Some non-club members asked if we would do their lift because our work is warrantied. This was also originally scheduled for 2 different weekends and I missed that... so you missing Annette's wrenching party had nothing to do with a council member's private work.
It’s true I’m cranky because Annette and Doug’s get together was cancelled, since I could make that one and they are basically awesome.  However, my concern was related more to council (or any other) members doing private company paid work on jeeps owned by potential members who might have been encountered by way of WRJC events.  It’s not wrong, but could be perceived badly and represents a conflict of interest.

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You can always come visit Carrie!!!!

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