So you want to become a Club Member?

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So you want to become a Club Member?
« on: July 01, 2013, 06:05:08 PM »
So you've been to some meets, possibly come out on a ride and now you want to become an Official Club Member? If so, cool  :thumbsup: We'd love to have you! In order to prevent everyone on the street from representing us, we set some guidelines in place.

1st, take a look at our Charter here:


We need your buy-in. Values are important. Still on board? Great! Here's whats next:

1. Make sure you meet a few criteria:

- You own a Jeep (duh....)
- You'll be able to attend at least 3 Official Events in the next 12 months
- Be an active participant in club events, lend a hand, get involved with event organization

Events Schedule

2. Find an Official Club Member and ask them to sponsor you. Your sponsor will be the one that'll show you the ropes and help us as a club ensure you're a good fit.
3. Hang around and be active! Anyone can come online or join us at our events. In order to become a voice in the club, we need participation!

From there, just have fun! We'll let you know if we vote you in!
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