Author Topic: Young Female Dog to a Good Home (Free)  (Read 810 times)


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Young Female Dog to a Good Home (Free)
« on: January 25, 2023, 11:48:35 am »
We have a beautiful pit pull girl that we are looking for a new home for. She was found by a friend of ours wandering their neighborhood and see is not microchipped and didn't have a collar on. So we have been calling her Bella.

She is such a sweet girl. Very loving and affectionate. Loves giving hugs and kisses and gets along very well with our youngest dog Zues. Unfortunately, Ed does not like her at all and that is why we sadly have to find a new home for her. Otherwise I'd love to keep her.

She does play rough with Zeus but they still get along very well. Still got a lot of puppy in her. I'd say she is 1 to 2 years old and she is not spade. We also do not know if she is up to date on her shots. Vet will not see her till tomorrow because of the required waiting period for lost dogs required by Georgia law.

She is very well behaved though. Listens very very well. Knows sit, stop, and come. She will find her favorite person in the house and latch on to them, following them throughout the house but always make sure to show every dog and person love. She is a HUGE cuddle bug.

We will be willing to pay for a pet visit for microchip, shots, and for her to be spaded if that is something holding you back from adopting her.

We would love for someone in the Jeep club to take her so we can see her again, so if any of you are looking for a new dog, please contact me on here. We are trying our best to find her a home before giving her to a shelter because she deserves a good home.
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