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Thinking About Mods?
« on: September 17, 2019, 09:21:19 pm »
So you have a new Jeep and you want to take it off road, what do you have to have to go and have a great time?  The easy answer is nothing other than the standard safety items listed here:  Jeeps straight off the showroom floor are extremely capable, the majority of us wheeled our Jeeps stock before any modifications were done. 

Here is a list of recommended modification for a beginner:
1) Oil Pan Skid Plate - Keep the expensive parts protected!
2) Suspension Lift - We will cover types in another thread.  Ask other members for advice, we can help save you some headaches here!
3) Tires - A larger tire allows greater surface contact with obstacles, especially when aired down
4) Winch - Preferably with synthetic line and a closed loop attachment system
5) CB Radio - This is how we communicate on the trails and around town during events

These basic modifications will get you started on the moderate trails.  As you learn more about your driving style and the Jeeps capabilities, you can continue to mod from there.  The possibilities are almost endless after that!

When you are ready to mod after that, then start looking at:
Lockers for non-Rubicon Jeeps
Axle Truss and Gussets
Additional Body and Underside Armor
Axle Shafts
Differential Gears
(Notice I haven't included lightbars, but those are pretty important too for those times you are on the trail after dark!)

Keep adding your ideas here and we will grow this list!
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Re: Thinking About Mods?
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2019, 04:05:16 pm »
A Winch is great. You should also have a Recovery Kit as well.
1. Tree Saver (Wide, preferably)
2. Tow Strap at least 20 ft long x 3" or 4" wide
3. A couple additional D-Ring (Shackles)
4. Snatch block for doubling your pulling power or changing your pull direction.
5. Leather gloves for handling winch lines (steel can hurt you quick if it is frayed)