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Wheeling 101, Trail Safety and Etiquette
« on: September 17, 2019, 09:04:59 pm »
This will be a growing topic as we continue to add to it, but wanted to get this started.

Trail Safety

Minimum Items you MUST have with you:
Fire Extinguisher
Working Seatbelts
Drivers License and Vehicle Insurance
Gloves and shoes appropriate for rough terrain
First Aid Kit
WRJC Emergency Contact Form

Trail Safety/Etiquette
Always Keep a safe distance between you and the Jeep in front of you, especially on obstacles and hills with lose gravel/rocks
Always make sure you see the Jeep behind you in your rearview mirror, if you can't, STOP
Always wear gloves when handling a winch line, especially steel cable
    - Always use a tree saver and appropriate strength shackles for winching, never wrap your cable around a tree
    - Stand clear of the winch line when the Jeep has pressure on the line.  A broken cable can dismember, maim and kill.  You should stand clear at a distance at least the length of the cable being extended.
    - Always use a winch line dampener on steel cable
    - Always attach a hook with the open throat of the hook facing up, should it break, you want it to go down towards the ground
DO NOT attempt to shout commands to a driver being spotted by another member.  One spotter at a time ALWAYS
Do not take alcohol, illegal drugs or prescription drugs that impair before riding on the trails.  If you consume, you are done for the day
Do not stand too close to a Jeep on an obstacle as a spectator, keep enough distance to be safe in the case of a roll-over
Do not attempt to take a Jeep with mechanical problems on the trail

We will keep adding to this list, but this is a good starting point!  Keep adding to this thread and we will add to the above list.   
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