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february 2021 Meeting Minutes
« on: February 04, 2021, 08:33:04 pm »
4 February 2021
Facebook Live meeting
Meeting was called to order at 7:00pm
Sam Read Minutes for January, minutes approved
March meeting will also be Facebook live due to Covid. Will re-evaluate before April Meeting.
Members  must be online during live to receive credit.
Discussed Stoney Lonesome ride. Small number in attendance but still had a great time.
Recent parade's one for young man named Noah who left for the Navy and one for a Two year old birthday. Great turn our for both parades.
Membership dues are due by 31 March. If for any reason you can not pay your dues, contact council and arrangements can be made.
If dues are not paid by 31 March and you have not contacted Council, your membership will be canceled and you will have to start over with sponsorship.
Voting for council positions will be in May. Positions up for vote are President, Treasurer Secretary, and Social Media chair.
Before tagging Warner Robins Jeep Club on social media about any outside events, please contact Sam, our Events Coordinator.
We are always looking for Socially distanced event Ideas. if you have any please contact Sam.
Sam Discussed upcoming Events, all Event information will be posted on forum under Official or Unofficial events
10 February Birthday parade for 100 year old veteran
27 February ride for veteran birthday with Rolling Thunder
21 March Cherry Blossom parade
27-28 March Ride for Reid at AOP
Holiday Inn Express in Kimball TN or the park has RV and primitive camping with nice bath houses.
This park has everything from beginner to extreme.
Brad speaking
stay tuned to forum for other events as we add them.
Trying to plan a daytrip to Durhamtown. Park has three sections that are only for Jeeps.
501C3 and LLC paperwork all prepared and ready to send in
LLC registered for this year with fee of $50
Federal form 990-N
Georgia Form C200 with $35 filing fee
Read proposed changes to by-laws, changes on forum and ready for member votes. we need everyone to vote.
We put the LLC and 501C3 forms and paperwork in by-laws so that they would always be documented on what to file and where
Again Annual membership dues may be paid by Paypal  please use friends and family
discussed attending other clubs events and how it will not be as a Club but up to you as and individual.
Facebook live for March meeting on 4 March
Meeting adjourned 7:42pm
Attendance for February Meeting
Dale/Una Dalrymple, Melinda Misiewicz, Robert McEwen, Annette Albright, Richard Branch, Cara/Steve Countryman, Cindy/Russell McCranie, Nicholas Hillburger, Jeff/SJonya Witmer, Michelle Hyatt, John Krause, Donna/Rusty Hough, Brian/Aimee Megahee, John Woodington, Weston/Courtney Welch, Sierra Albright, Miranda Price, Robyn/Brian Bible, Greg/Angie Roby, Mark Armstrong, Michael Cole, Todd Watson, Mike Smith, Tony Gockman, Todd Gilbert, Steve Pettis, Jeff Bergman, Kimz Gemz, Sam Gilbert, Emerald Coston, Brad Niebrand

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