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January 2021 Meeting Minutes
« on: January 12, 2021, 05:31:55 pm »
Meeting was called to order on Facebook Live at 7 pm

Sam read the minutes from last month's meeting

It was announced that Melinda has posted the treasury report online under Members Only

Brad announced our new members, John Krause and Heather Lawrence

Brad talked about Stony Lonesome trip and the travel thread

Brad addressed spotters and guides and how we will split into groups on the trails
That we need to make sure we have Jeeps going with the group they are capable to go with

Sam talked about the Jeep Show being postponed and that we will continue to work on the planning in the interim

Brad talked about public relations and how the virus is affecting the club and our public image

Brad spoke about Anthony being overseas

Brad recognized Cara Countryman for being Mission 22's Dec Ambassador of the Month 

Brad talked about how the meeting was usually for members only, but why we were doing things differently this month.  He spoke about the bylaws discussion being on the Members Only section of the forum
Brad spent some time talking about what it takes to become a member, our involvement with Toys For Tots, the Lighted Jeep Parade, the wreaths, and Sam mentioned we have some calendars left

Meeting was ended at 7:44 pm
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