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July Meeting Minutes
« on: September 17, 2019, 09:13:23 am »
Monthly Meeting Minutes 3 July 2019
Russ called meeting to order a 7:03 PM.
Meeting began with discussion of the Anniversary ride and how well it went. Russ took time to thank everyone who made it possible. He then introduced the new Council.
President-Russ Guajardo
Vice President-Mike Smith
Secretary-Angela Roby
Treasurer-Melinda Misiewicz
Membership Chair-Brad Niebrand
Events Coordinator-Samantha Gilbert
Social Media Coordinator-Kenneth Lawrence
Assistant social media Coordinator-Aimee Megahee
We discussed how meetings will be organized in the future and how we will hear reports from every council member.
Treasurers Report:
Secretary had nothing to report this month.
Membership Chair: Brad discussed changes to the reporting procedure for newly sponsored individuals. Before posting about sponsorship the sponsor needs to contact Brad to verify 3 official events and then if they are eligible Brad will post sponsorship on the forum.
New Member announcements: Jessica Hamilton received her stickers as the newest club member.
Social Media Coordinator: Kenneth informed us of all new social media platforms that we will begin using in the coming months, Instagram, Twitter and others. If you need something posted on social media it will need to be sent to Kenneth or Aimee Megahee. We are beginning to use an app called Dropbox to share our photo’s, you will have to create your own account and send Kenneth your information to be added to the list. If you want to share photos that can be used to make videos and slide shows in the future you need to turn your phone sideways to take the photo or video. We will be doing a jeep of the month on our Facebook page and maybe jeep of the week occasionally
Events Coordinator: Samantha discussed new rules for requesting events. As of now, all events including unofficial events must go through the events coordinator, this also includes events with other clubs. Ie: Red Knights, Green Knights Biker Bros, etc. All events will be posted by Events Coordinator on forum.
There was discussion about the Topless Day and Anniversary rides and how next year we will begin asking for donations for events in January. We will begin working on all events further in Advance to make the planning smoother. We will still be looking for Chairpersons and committees to help make these events happen.
Vice President: Mike Smith will be working on T-shirts. If you have any ideas for a club shirt, send them to Mike.
Upcoming Events:
20 July 2019- United Methodist Childrens Home Macon, Ice Cream Social and School Supply donations. Arrive 12:30 and more info will be posted soon.
27 July 2019- Impala Nation of Macon back to school bash. 11-5 Memorial Park in Warner Robins. Will be donating school supplies as well. More info to come soon.
2-4 August- Windrock TN Summer Ride
31 August-2 September Labor Day ride. Location TBD
September we are invited to participate in the Air Show at Robins AFB
Russ Adjourned meeting at 7:55