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May Monthly Meeting Minutes
« on: September 11, 2020, 09:05:42 pm »
Meeting Minutes May 7, 2020

Facebook live at Brad's house. 

Brad made introductions of each council member present.  He let everyone know we would be answering questions via the live feed.  He also advised members to comment on the feed in order to get credit for the meeting. 

Russell spoke about membership process and how to get involved with the club. 

Brad mentioned our website and how to contact us via email. 

Mike spoke about the presale coming up on the Anniversary Ride shirts.  Get your orders in soon.  Use PayPal friends and family option. 

Brad spoke about hats coming up for sale.  Watch the forum within a week and we should have it posted.  The cost is $25. 

Brad mentioned council nominations are coming up soon.  Positions available are vice president, events coordinator, and membership chair.  Nominations will go up tonight and run through May 14th at 8 pm.  Brad explained how everything works and who is eligible to be nominated. 

Sam spoke about events: 

Topless Day has been postponed to Sept 19.  We are still in the planning stages.  Stay tuned for more information.  Extreme Terrain has backed out completely and will not be sponsoring events. 

Flags at Andersonville scheduled for May 23 is up in the air at this time.  We have tried to reach them and have not heard anything about canceling.  Stay tuned. 

Anniversary Ride is still on.  We contacted the park and they are still open and ready for us.  We need a head count so please go on the forum and add your name to the list so we know who to expect.  This is for members and sponsored only.  Sam explained a little about why it is members only. 

July 4th party is coming up.  We have no plans for this as of yet.  This is also members and sponsored only.  Stay tuned. 

We have set a date for Windrock.  It has been moved to July 18th weekend.  This ride is open to everyone.  Advised everyone to go to the forum for sign up.

Sam spoke about the donations we collected for the hospitals locally.  We have $200 left.  Because the hospitals do not have a need to be met right now, we are donating this money (or food) to The Grace House food pantry.  If you would like to donate, you still have time.  Please use PayPal friends and family. 

Georgia Jeep Invasion is coming October 2-4.  Mark your calendars. 

Sam gave info about Group Me app.  If you'd like to join, send us a message on FB with your phone number.

***End of Events***

Brad gave an open invite to come hang out with the club and talked about making great friends.  He mentioned that if anyone has any questions about what they need to off-road or anything else to give us a call.  He went on to talk about GJI.

We told members that they would not get credit for FB live meetings once we returned to the public.

Brad spoke about Doug's health and how we are here for them if they need us.  He also spoke out to our first responders during this virus situation and let them know how much we appreciate them.  He mentioned the rescue we were a part of for the Fire Department.  We talked about Robert's birthday, Mother's Day, and our graduates.  Brad also mentioned his son who is getting married. 

Meeting adjourned.