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April Monthly Meeting Minutes
« on: September 11, 2020, 07:00:49 pm »
Minutes for April 2, 2020

Meeting was held via Facebook Live from Brad's home.  Members will get credit for this meeting by signing in to this live feed. 

Brad opened the meeting introducing Kevin Lashley, a Warner Robins City Councilman.  Kevin talked some about the current state of our town with Covid-19.  He asked that everyone do their part in staying home.  He answered some questions via Facebook. 

Brad talked about our Windrock ride being postponed due to the virus.  We are looking to reschedule in mid July.  Stay tuned for more info.  He told the public they are welcome to come on our rides and attend our meetings. 

Brad thanked the council members for the recent Zoom meeting that was short notice.  He also thanked the WRJC members for always stepping up when things get crazy, most recently the Jeep Show debacle with the gates not being opened on time.  And also for their involvement in our community. 

Brad talked about our Topless Day event possibly being postponed.  We are not sure yet.  Advised everyone to stay tuned.  It was also mentioned that Jeep Beach is announcing their rescheduled date April 9. 

Brad talked a little about our members being required to make a minimum of six events a year with meetings included.  He also talked about how hard the southern towns have been hit with Covid.  He called for all Jeep clubs to pull together through these hard times.  When this is all over there is talk of a huge meet and greet.

Brad reiterated that we should all do our part in staying home to help control this virus. 

Georgia Jeep Invasion is coming up in early October.  WRJC is planning to be involved.  The president of GJA sent a letter to Brad to read online at our meeting that basically said to support each other in these times and stay home and work on your Jeeps.  Be ready to ride when this is all over.

Got a comment on Facebook live during the meeting that Jeep Beach has been rescheduled for September 11-13. 

Brad told everyone to stay tuned and keep up with us on our forum.  He gave the address.  He advised people to contact us with any questions. 

Brad addressed the Anniversary ride after a question on live feed.  As of right now, the ride is still set to remain scheduled.  He explained how the ride works being members only. 

Kevin answered a few questions about supporting local businesses and providing food for healthcare workers. 

Brad spoke about not riding into other towns during Covid to help slow the spread of the virus. 

Meeting was adjourned.     

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